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Hello, everyone! Welcome to my website.
I am South Korean, and my name is Myungdo Lee. However, you can call me Vny.
I have a passion for both drawing and sewing.
Art has always guided me toward the positive aspects of the world.
If given the opportunity, I would love to continue drawing until the very last day of my life.
Wishing you a wonderful time here. Thank you.


contact : vny@vnyart.com


-2022.8.11~16 리수갤러리 나의 여름 展 단체전 [Nana's cat]
-2022.10.1~3 2022 PLAS - JW MARRIOTT SEOUL [이곳에서 난]
-2023.06.15~19 2023 제8회 제주바람展[지금 기분이 좋은 고양이]
-2023.11.15~20 2023 리수갤러리 November & Artist Exhibition

Interview Magazine conducted by IDUS in 2023

"The accumulated time and experiences
seem to meld together to complete the picture.
I am diligently pursuing my favorite activities every day,
building my own style."


-한국저작권등록(Vny character-miki)C2016-024180
-상표등록제40-2019-0176710, 40-2019-0176718호